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Ways to Support makedeb

There’s various ways you can contribute to the makedeb project! There’s always some work that needs done, and any form of help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Creating packages for the MPR

If you have something that you or someone else needs packaged, or you just want to get your hands into packaging, the MPR provides an excellent way to do such for the makedeb community.

To create a new package, follow the guide for uploading packages to the MPR.


If any of makedeb’s products aren’t currently in your native language, you can contribute translations so that they can be so.

Translating is done on makedeb’s Weblate instance. Current projects available to translate can be found under the makedeb project.

Contribute code

We’re always looking for more contributors to the codebases for makedeb’s projects! There’s always some bugs that need fixed, and if you’re feeling extra adventurous you may even get some new features integrated, led by you!

If you’re familiar with programming, or you just want to start doing such, makedeb’s projects provide an excellent way to do so while supporting products people use every day.


makedeb’s main projects are makedeb itself and the MPR. If you’re familiar with Bash, makedeb provides the easiest way to start contributing, while the MPR has a heavy reliance on Python if you’re more suited with that.

There are also a few side projects for those who are interested:

Other ways you can help

Spread the word

One of the simplest, yet most effective methods of helping the makedeb project is to just spread the word that makedeb exists.

Bringing in more users increases awareness of makedeb in all aspects, allowing more and more people to use a tool that many are already using as their primary packaging system.

Star the project

You can also increase awareness of makedeb by starring makedeb on GitHub. You can do so on makedeb’s GitHub page, and then clicking the “Star” button in the top right corner.

By adding a star, you help others to find makedeb more easily, as well as show that makedeb has already proven to be useful for you.