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List of MPR Helpers

MPR helpers can automate parts of the build process for packages on the MPR. They can do things such as provide search functionality, automatic dependency resolution, and tell you when packages on your system need to be updated.

All MPR helpers are unsupported under all circumstances. If you’re having a problem with an MPR helper, please try reaching out to the maintainer, the helper’s support rooms, or other methods of contact before asking for help in the makedeb support rooms.

Feature key

Feature Description
Search Is able to search for packages on the MPR via the MPR’s RPC interface.
Clone Can automatically clone packages from the MPR (Partial means that the package provides cloning functionality as part of its installation features).
Install Can automatically install packages from the MPR.
Update Can automatically update installed packages from the MPR.
APT-Install Can install standard APT packages in addition to MPR packages (Simply installing dependencies via APT does not make a package qualify for this feature).
APT-Update Can update standard APT packages in addition to MPR packages.
Git-Update Can update -git packages automatically.
MPR-Dependencies Can automatically find and install MPR dependencies needed to build a package.

Outside of that listed above:

  • Partial means the provided functionality partially deviates from the listed feature.
  • Optional means that the feature isn’t enabled by default, and requires a CLI argument or config option to be enabled.


Name MPR Package Homepage Programming Language Search Clone Install Update APT-Install APT-Update Git-Update MPR-Dependencies
Tap tap Python Yes Partial Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
una una-bin Bash Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes